Lastly, we can provide a full service Managed Services offering that includes 24×7 support and maintenance that is able to handle even the most extreme and complex cases swiftly and easily. Improve legacy platform performance, maximize value, and create new business opportunities with digital platform consulting and re-engineering services. We will add new functions and features to your digital platform, reduce security risks, conduct migration to the cloud, and redesign your solution architecture. The end goal of digital platform development is turning your business into a cross-industry power broker capable of rapidly pursuing emerging market opportunities.

Our team can help you to map your ecosystem to identify all dependencies and how to control them. We can streamline how data is transferred between parts of the ecosystem by recommending which processes would be manual or automated. We also identify which systems are not currently connected and which stakeholders are responsible for maintaining each one.

Digital Business Assurance Testing Services

Purpose – The present challenge for many service firms is to develop an offering that is flexible and open for tailoring and at the same time achieves efficiency through standardizing processes. Find out how we build websites that can tranform your customer experience – as well as your business. Introduction to Kubernetes Security In recent years, the digital world has seen a transition of application architecture from monolithic to microservice. Introduction to Value Stream Management Every IT organization is shifting its focus to generate more business value.

In most cases, our services helped the clients to not only sustain their success but continuously evolve their business practices. We are experts at integrating your website with other systems and platforms to optimize the flow of data and enhance the customer experience. All our processes are customer-oriented, designed to reduce the cost of business operations, address IT resourcing challenges, and offer you a competitive edge. An intelligent test automation platform enabling quicker test design and optimized test execution of applications and devices by co-existing with an enterprise’s current test ecosystem. This framework for end-to-end test automation of micro-services applications addresses functional and non-functional testing requirements to improve efficiency and accelerate automation of micro-services, APIs, and web-services. Apexon combines the latest development methodologies and tools with proven expertise so you can deliver innovative products faster.

digital platform development services

Our clients trust us to deliver robust deliverables tailored for success!. With us, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible service and value for your money. We’ll work with you to make technical and architectural decisions that are inspired by your customers’ needs. Our specialists helped business reach interoperability by implementing the HL7 FHIR data exchange standard.


Solutions focus on providing meaningful and relevant user experiences for online and offline products and events. Manage product data in a centralized repository and distribute it across multiple channels and devices to reduce time to market. Leverage our digital platform specialists’ cybersecurity expertise to mitigate risks. Saving lot of my time is one of the key achievements of the project I really liked the way Softude worked on this application… Therefore, we are open to digital communication and digital transformation.

With a clear platform strategy in place, you’ll require an experienced platform development team to bring it to life. Our role is to manage the process throughout, to ensure a smooth project that delivers on the upfront expectation. No more complex discussions or technical excuses, just a robust pathway to a satisfying end result, delivered on time and as planned. We understand the development of digital platforms, websites, applications, portals, products, and more that complement your enterprise. With our React Native app development services, we help you build high-performing cross-platform apps that deliver excellent engagement and conversions across platforms. One of the best picks for cross-platform mobile app development is React Native, especially if you’re looking to build apps for both iOS and Android simultaneously and need to save your time and budget.

digital platform development services

Platform solutions thrive thanks to advanced data analytics running atop secure data management platforms. Intellias big data engineers can help you make better sense of the data you own, the data you need to procure from siloed systems, and the operational insights trapped within. Our development expertise includes React, Vue, Angular, and other frameworks. The best cross-platform mobile development frameworks are Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter. Using a cross-platform mobile development framework means increased accessibility of your app and optimization of the processes of testing and maintenance.

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We inspire users to take full advantage of powerful and accessible interfaces. We use advanced techniques to ensure a coherent design throughout the entire customer journey, even if the user’s path jumps between applications within your ecosystem. It can be used to build both edge/gateway applications as well as scalable cloud applications. In today’s highly competitive world, there are many organizations in industry offering quality web development services.

From Fortune 500 companies to pioneering market entrants, Intellias provides PaaS consulting and digital platform development services to companies at different stages of their market and digital journeys. We know how to approach problems from unexpected angles and translate them into custom solutions for our clients. Symetris offers Web & CMS development backed by more than 15 years of experience. We implement digital experience platforms , content management systems , e-commerce solutions and integrated web applications.

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We organize and design your website so that users can easily find the information they need. Balancing creativity with technical expertise, we empower brands to resonate with customers and rank with search. We create user interfaces and visual designs that are intuitive, engaging, and easy to use. Our team of creative experts aligns your user experience and visual branding for maximum impact. Recognizing that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to development challenges, we bring experts with a wide range of experience to solve even the most complex challenges and deliver high-impact solutions. React Native is great for most apps that rely heavily on the user interface because with little effort you can get the UI to work on both iOS and Android.

Our project leaders are true digital maestros who will engage and mobilize all stakeholders involved and guide their actions with a global vision. They identify and map out the key stakeholders by their power and interest, and determine the best tools for collaborating, consulting and communicating. For each stakeholder, our project leaders will put in place appropriate stakeholder-management strategies to involve them according to their profile. This approach helps drive innovation and lead to a successful and sustainable digital transformation.

As an Acquia Preferred Partner, Symetris can identify how to maximize your performance and optimize the user experience, while maintaining your platform’s viability for years to come. That’s why various platforms have been developed to make this process as seamless as possible. As you may already know, developing software solutions means writing and compiling code lines using a specific programming language. Here are just some of the ways that we stand out as a company when it comes to what our experience is with technoogies, platform engineering and creating digital experiences.

We help you evolve from a rigid legacy core system to an agile, modular ecosystem. The goal is to transform your legacy, proprietary system that plays nicely with the cloud-based tools of today and tomorrow. The right digital platform services can transform your business into a digitally native, future-focused organization.

The platforms within your digital ecosystem must constantly be adapted to meet your evolving requirements. Our unique approach to continuous improvement includes strategy and project leadership during your platform’s maintenance period. Our recommendations will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. Our business analysts help you to translate your business objectives into appropriate systems that provide measurable results.

Furthermore, we may discern that platform providers are faced with value propositions that are multidirectional, multidimensional, and offered from a variety of sources. In today’s digital economy, industry ecosystems are evolving and unraveling new value creation opportunities. As speed, interoperability, scalability and user experience reinvent the paradigm of customer experience, next-gen, scalable, agile, and intelligent cloud-based applications and platforms continue to gain relevance. Our developers will help you retain your critical apps and deliver new ones faster with cloud-native platform software development services. We apply a wide range of techniques including microservices, PaaS, and CI/CD to iterate and integrate faster and to fulfill the individual needs of your business in a timely manner.

Open-Source Platform Development

We leverage a shift left approach in tandem with AI-enabled test automation to deliver high quality software products faster. The traditional view of value is largely rooted in the material properties of physical goods. However, service-dominant logic tells us that value is not imbued in goods, but derived in its judicious application. A contextually bounded nature of value is highly relevant for the study of digital platforms given the reprogrammable nature of digital technology coupled with a necessity to serve several different stake-holders and applications. This paper applies servitization as a theoretical framework for illustrating the subjective and transitory value propositions that influence platform development. Based on a case study of a firm that has transitioned from product supplier to provider of a platform for digital services, it is evident that value propositions are ambivalent, yet vital components in the evolution of platforms.

Apart from that, React Native uses flexbox for layout, which works the same way on iOS, Android, and Web, so we can transfer the experience from the web instead of learning more different engines. On the other hand, a native app is great when we consider using all the features that a platform offers, including such modules as video/audio processing or multithreading. Our experience along with the knowledge of industry-specific tech standards is what gives us enough power to build applications of any complexity.

Our tools, teams and processes deliver agile at scale, ensuring more enhanced visibility and faster time-to-market. Our engineers will help you leverage real-time monitoring app techniques to prevent and troubleshoot issues before they are seen. We also offer consulting and guidance to clients who want to continue managing their cloud-based infrastructures more effectively. At WTT-Solutions, we are able to assist in the development of most types of online platforms, including technology/computing/utility platforms, data harvesting systems, content distribution solutions, marketplaces, and more.

Empower enterprises to build Fast Release Cycles and seamlessly integrate with the exciting stack. Event-Driven Architecture is a model or an architectural paradigm for software that supports the production, detection, consumption of, and reaction to the… Introduction to Digital Business Automation Business Process automation comes with many advantages, including increased customer satisfaction, service consistency, managed workflow, etc. Introduction to Power BI There are several tools that make it easier for us to analyze the trajectory of business assets using data. Federated learning is a machine learning technique that involves training an algorithm through several decentralized edge devices or servers that carry local data samples…

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In this guide we cover the essentials of CDPs, including the difference between the two main uses of CDPs, the level of data cleanliness needed for each CDP use case, and the approach for using CDPs to collect first-party data. Founded in 2020, ScaleWorx specializes in helping startups and mid-sized enterprises with Infrastructure and DevOps services. Industry best practices that chart every step from ideation to launch and deliver faster-time-to-market.


Client-focused, creating strategic digital platform solutions that deliver tangible business results, Appnovation helps brands navigate any and all facets of today’s, and tomorrow’s, digitized landscape. We infuse engineering excellence in the design and implementation of cloud applications—across all cloud providers, third-party ecosystems and open-source technologies—to solve for your unique challenges. The cost of platform software development varies from $10,000 to $250,000 and more depending on the complexity of the solution, tech stack, speed of development, and a myriad of other characteristics. Thus, in order to receive a precise platform development cost, it’s advisable to reach out to our sales representative and request an estimation. Platform software development requires a clear vision of the problem it will be solving and its functionality.

Introduction to Batch and Stream Processing In today’s Big Data landscape, developers must analyze terabytes and even petabytes of data in any given period. Manage your ecosystem with centralized control mechanisms and real-time visibility. The resulting solutions are both elegant in their simplicity and powerful in their ability to respond to your audience’s needs and challenges. Inspiring possibility and applying innovation at some of the most recognizable brands on the planet. Blog How EdTech Providers Can Truly Benefit from Cloud In the News The evolution from click-to-buy to experience-to-buy Retail trends are changing from click-to-buy to experience-to-buy.

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