About Us

digital marketing training institute in Vijayawada, Andhra pradesh

Digital Marketing training institute in Vijayawada started with a theme to make best awareness on course and to create self employment to many people and providing best branding services to our clients. Now expanding our training and services through out India.

Our Story

Digital Marketing Training Institute In Vijayawada- Online Training

Digital marketing training institute in Vijayawada  has started to make awareness of digital marketing importance to students and business professionals.

 We are starting our day with social media engagement, and everyone is moving the digital hub day by day. Most parents worry about their children’s social media addiction. To convey awareness on this digital trend we have started digital marketing course in Vijayawada through Sai Digital Training.

Sai Digital Training started with a theme to give many young talents like students, Business entrepreneurs, and freelancers.  India is top second-largest internet usage country in the world. 

Many young talents spend lots of time using social media platforms. But they have lots of pressure of Career and struggle in achieving true success.

Now I’m CEO of Sai Digital Training. I want to introduce you to my journey how I started my Career as a digital marketing executive and achieved this phase.

In 2009 started my social media account and, within a short time, learned to maintain business pages. We have to achieve a reasonable success rate in generating organic traffic to my business page. 

Once upon a time I gave up my Chartered Accountancy course and completed my graduation. But every company needs an experienced candidate, a qualified candidate with 90 %. 

It was a U-turn in my life. I heard about the digital marketing course through my friend and attended a demo class. I was surprised that the Curriculum is totally about the things we do in digital life.

So within a short time I joined the course and achieved a job. After some time, I have an idea to share this course with more young talent.

In 2015 started my Career as a Digital marketing trainer, trained more than 300 plus individual students, and handled more than 50 plus projects. 

So I have started this online digital marketing course in Vijayawada and extending operations throughout India.

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing course

 Digital Marketing is a course that doesn’t relate to your previous skill, Qualification. Any Graduate or person with Basic English and analysis skill can learn it. 

Our Values

Talent Identification & Innovative Ideas



We have a team of counselling identifies talented people having more hobbies in digital modules we turn them as professional digital marketers. 


Brand Development

We focus more on developing brand value of client before entering into sales. It was the differentiation of our students compared to others



 Digital marketing Internship on live projects will help students a lot to identify live practical problems and also to have a discussion on solutions identification.


Costumer Relation

We build quality of good relation ship with our students and clients to have loyal relation. Will consider every suggestion from each one to make better out put.